What a weekend…

January 27, 2009

Seriuosly, WHAT A WEEKEND…

It was 26th on Monday, national holiday here. So it was a loooong 3 day weekend. 4 of our friends came from Chennai, 1 from Pune and 1 was from Bangalore for this weekend. One of them was getting married in November. So it was decided that he will be the sponsor of  this get together. We started off with some beers in the afternoon, followed by chivas regal in the  night. Then started the bakar session which went late in the night. Next day we decided to have brunch. We finally decided on Pinxx which offers unlimited wine in addition to the  lavish spread of food. Also there was a magician there which showed us few tricks and also taught us one. We started our brunch but it soon turned into a wine party. We were not having food rather we were having wine only. Management was having a tough time. After white wine was finished we ordered for red one.  I dont know what they were thinking of us then. But we were having time of  our life. I returned to the flat after guzzling down 9 glasses of french white wine.  I slept for 5 hours in the afternoon and got up at 8 for the dinner. I was still having hangover. But I was feeling great. Next day we went to Amoeba for bowling. I scored 119, a good score considering I am not a pro ;). After that it was time for pizza hut. Friends had to catch a bus at night to Chennai so we wrapped up our celebrations there.

meanwhile GMAT took a back seat for 4 days. Now as this madness is over, I  have to really hit the  top gear now. Only a month to go. … I cant afford to procrastinate now.



January 18, 2009

Just finished with my first mock. It didnt go well as expected. Got meagre 650 (Q50,V28).

RC was real pain.I was totally stumped by the RC questions. I have to work real hard from now on. This is just not acceptable to me.  Though I got 50 in quants still I think that my speed is somewhat slow. I have to work on my speed in verbal to. In a nutshell, today I got a reality checker. Next few weeks will be very hectic.

A month gone.

January 12, 2009

1 month is over since I registered for GMAT. Only 2 months are with me. I have concentrated a lot on sentence correction as this was my weak point. I can safely say that I have improved a lot in one month. There are still some areas where I need to work on. I also need to work on some tough questons now.  I started with Manhattan SC book for the basics. After that, I moved to OG11 and verbal review for practise. If I get some time in office, I solve 1000 sc questions. Things are improving at this front. But I need to look in other areas as well.  I have also solved some DS and CR questons from OG. I found then to be at moderate level. Still have to give a mock test. I am thinking to give it on this weekend. Lets see where my preparations are heading and in which section I have to improve.

My CAT sojourn…

January 10, 2009

… ends here.  I never thought that four years of hard work, preservance and hope will come to an end without any result. Although unsuccessful, it was a valuable experience for me.

It all started in second year when I decided that I have to give CAT. Then I started to gather more information regarding the test.  More I learned about the test, more my confidence level got boosted.  My IIT background acted as a catalyst to my confidence. Next year I got IMS material from a local shop. He used to sell xerox copies of booklets published by IMS. Started preparing from that. Confidence sored up….

Next year was the YEAR..  Enrolled with career launcher for their test series. Did quite well in that.  Regularly scored around 90 %ile. My confidence level was touching zenith at that time. Went to Chandigarh for CAT exam with 4 other guys from college.  Started the exam. Completed quant section first with ease. Next was verbal and that derrida passage. I was completely stunned by that section. Attempted just 8 questions in it, none from RC.  Realised the reality during the test. and half heartedly completed it. I was very disappointed after the test. Just to make things worse, our endsems were starting after a day. I had to leave this episode back and had to start for another one. It was indeed difficult. Still, somehow, passed the exams. But CAT thing was still looming on my mind. I made promise to myself  to bell it next year.

I got through one of the IT giants and was posted to Hyderabad for initial 2 months. That was when I started for my next CAT. I got myself enrolled with IMS test series which I found to be quite good infact better than career launcher one.  I was consistently scoring good marks in the test. Was very confident of  cracking  the test. I was having some problems in verbal. Otherwise , I was quite confident of my chances. Then came the day. Quant was, unexpectedly, quite easy. There were many direct questions in it.  Did it quite well. After that, I moved to verbal section and found it quite difficult. Still managed it well. Completed it in 45 mins. DI was also a bit on easier side. Also did quite good there. Was very happy with my performance in the test. Was quite confident in verbal and di. Not very sure in verbal though. Still hopeful to get atleast some calls. I was so confident of getting  calls that I didn’t checked the answers. After few days results came out. And, BOMB……….  What was that………..  NEGATIVE MARKS IN VERBAL ….. Didn’t expected this. Got very good scores in Quant and DI but Verbal was my nemesis this time. Was quite depressed for few days. It took me a while to get normal and then I started to prepare for the third encounter with CAT.

I was then transfered to Bangalore. After settling in the city, started preparing for the CAT. Joined TIME test series this time. Was doing quite good this time too. I was determined to get through this time. So I also filled MDI form. I was ready to accept MDI if I get through it. After the exam got over, I had a feeling that I had finally cracked the exam. Checked results this time. As per cutoffs issued by various coaching institutes, I was getting 3 -4 calls. Still a fear of failure was there deep inside my heart. After results came out, this fear turned into reality. Got 98 + ile with above 94 in all three sections still no IIM calls. Hopes and dreams were completely shattered. Later I found out that people securing less than me got calls from  IIMs. So I called and send few mails to IIMs but of no use. I have to except the fate. Went to home for few days just to feel better. Later I found out that I had a call from MDI.  MY FIRST INTERVIEW CALL… I prepared well for the interview as this was my only hope. Inetrview went ok. But when results came out, I found myself in waitlist. That too in 600s. MDI gave offers as per candidates CAT score. As there were many of them ahead of me, I was waiting for the waitlist movement. It moved and moved and then finally stopped. But I was still waitlisted. So season 3 ended there. I was still no where near to IIMs.

After that i gave some serious thought to GMAT. I thought to give GMAT in August 08 and apply for Fall 09 class. But at that time I had workex of only 2 years. So, after much discussions with my friends, I decided to postpone GMAT to next year and to give CAT for very last time, just to see if I can make it this time. Also got some heavy discounts for TIME classes on basis of my last score. Towards the end of my preparation I made up my mind to give GMAT in 09. So prep was not as great as it was last year. Anyways, gave the test and after the test realised that it was complete disaster. After a week took my GMAT appointment and then started preparing for GMAT. Result came and gone. I was not feeling disappointed this time. I was ready for it.

I realized that CAT was not only a exam for some. It is much more than that. It is not only a test of your quant and verbal skills. It is also a test of your patience and endurance.  Luck factor is always there in any exam. But I found that one needs much luck in CAT. I had seen people exceling mocks like anything but failing at the final frontier and people not preparing for it and cracking CAT on D day. For me CAT was a great levellar. It shattered my ego and overconfidence to pieces. Also it brought pain and torture with it. I still think that CAT07, my third one, was the best for me and I was very close to making it to IIMs. That still hurts me. But CAT also made me more determined every time. More determined to get into a Bschool. And one day I will make it….. Thats my promise.

First Step..

January 9, 2009

GMAT is the first and most important step to get a admission in a foreign b school.  It is a online test which tests a candidate on  sections. Quant, verbal and writing ability.

First step towards GMAT is to register here and create a profile.  Make sure that your nam and date of birth matches with that of the identity proof that you will present at the centre. Passport is the most authentic proof that GMAC takes.  Cost of GMAT test is 250$. You can reschedule it for another 50$ if done more than 7 days before of the test.

GMAT test is divided in 3 parts. First one is for 30 mins and tests your writing skills. GMAC calls it Analytical Writing Assessment( AWA).  It is marked out of 6 points. Then you will have 2 sections of 75 mins each testing quant and verbal skills. Quant sctiona has 35 ques and verbal has 41 ques. You can also take 10 mins of optional break in between sections.

Books required for preparation are:

Official Guide edition 11. This is a must have book. It has all questions appeared previously in GMAT.

Manhattan Sentence Correction. Verbal has good percentage of questions of SC. This is the best book you can       have to prepare for SC.  Some regard it as Bible of SC. I will call it Bible, Gita, Quran of SC

Kaplan/Manhattan. You can also have one of these two books for some extra stuff. Kaplan has some good quality of questions in it.

GMATPREP These are the free tests that can be downloaded from mba.com These are the must have tests and should be given in last few days.

One can also have other prep tests from other sources like Veritas, Manhattan,Kaplan.

Be in right state of mind. And prepare well.

All The Best !!


January 7, 2009

Making new year resolutions have became a integral part of  new years celebrations.  I also make resolutions that last for 2 -3 weeks, at the maximum 1 month. Actually I always forget what resolutions I made.

So here are my resolutions of 2009.  I don’t know for how long they will last. Hope they do 😛

1)  Study for the GMAT and try best to secure a good score.

2) Apply to schools in full seriousness. Slogging wont do here.

3) Only social drinking. 🙂

4) Explore new opportunities.  Start looking for fresh challenges.

5) Support Arsenal more than I did last year.

W ooh…. Thats a long list…..   I am determined this time to follow these with full dedication and seriousness.

Happy New Year !!

January 6, 2009

Happy New Year to everyone. May 2009 bring all joys and pleasure to everyones life.

I have been missing here since September. Was busy in some other way. Gave CAT on 16th November. I felt that test was bit tough than it was last year. Unsurprisingly, it didn’t went well for me. Still hopeful. Fingers crossed….:)

I have taken a GMAT appointment on 9th March 2009. After grinding for 2 years in IT sector and failure in CAT, I think time has come to look for other options. Lets see how things turn out for me in this year. Hoping for the best…

SURPRISE ME…. 2009….