First Step..

GMAT is the first and most important step to get a admission in a foreign b school.  It is a online test which tests a candidate on  sections. Quant, verbal and writing ability.

First step towards GMAT is to register here and create a profile.  Make sure that your nam and date of birth matches with that of the identity proof that you will present at the centre. Passport is the most authentic proof that GMAC takes.  Cost of GMAT test is 250$. You can reschedule it for another 50$ if done more than 7 days before of the test.

GMAT test is divided in 3 parts. First one is for 30 mins and tests your writing skills. GMAC calls it Analytical Writing Assessment( AWA).  It is marked out of 6 points. Then you will have 2 sections of 75 mins each testing quant and verbal skills. Quant sctiona has 35 ques and verbal has 41 ques. You can also take 10 mins of optional break in between sections.

Books required for preparation are:

Official Guide edition 11. This is a must have book. It has all questions appeared previously in GMAT.

Manhattan Sentence Correction. Verbal has good percentage of questions of SC. This is the best book you can       have to prepare for SC.  Some regard it as Bible of SC. I will call it Bible, Gita, Quran of SC

Kaplan/Manhattan. You can also have one of these two books for some extra stuff. Kaplan has some good quality of questions in it.

GMATPREP These are the free tests that can be downloaded from These are the must have tests and should be given in last few days.

One can also have other prep tests from other sources like Veritas, Manhattan,Kaplan.

Be in right state of mind. And prepare well.

All The Best !!


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