What a weekend…

Seriuosly, WHAT A WEEKEND…

It was 26th on Monday, national holiday here. So it was a loooong 3 day weekend. 4 of our friends came from Chennai, 1 from Pune and 1 was from Bangalore for this weekend. One of them was getting married in November. So it was decided that he will be the sponsor of  this get together. We started off with some beers in the afternoon, followed by chivas regal in the  night. Then started the bakar session which went late in the night. Next day we decided to have brunch. We finally decided on Pinxx which offers unlimited wine in addition to the  lavish spread of food. Also there was a magician there which showed us few tricks and also taught us one. We started our brunch but it soon turned into a wine party. We were not having food rather we were having wine only. Management was having a tough time. After white wine was finished we ordered for red one.  I dont know what they were thinking of us then. But we were having time of  our life. I returned to the flat after guzzling down 9 glasses of french white wine.  I slept for 5 hours in the afternoon and got up at 8 for the dinner. I was still having hangover. But I was feeling great. Next day we went to Amoeba for bowling. I scored 119, a good score considering I am not a pro ;). After that it was time for pizza hut. Friends had to catch a bus at night to Chennai so we wrapped up our celebrations there.

meanwhile GMAT took a back seat for 4 days. Now as this madness is over, I  have to really hit the  top gear now. Only a month to go. … I cant afford to procrastinate now.


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